The Danger and Wonder of Technology

Yesterday, I listened to Betamouse episode #19, about the new online Disney Dining reservation system. In the episode, the hosts described the changes that Disney had made recently to their online reservation system (which can be found at, for the curious). They revealed how it is now possible to simply select a date, approximate time, and location (optional), and Disney would show you every restaurant available at that time. I found that very cool – a vast improvement over the old system, and infinitely better than calling the 1-407-WDW-DINE number and asking a CM to check every single restaurant one at a time. I had to try it out myself. I went to the site, and plugged in the first date of my upcoming trip with Amanda – July 10th, in Epcot, for dinner. I got back a larger list of availability than I would have guessed. That list included one of the Epcot restaurants at which I’ve never eaten – Le Chefs de France. About 30-45 seconds later, I had a confirmed reservation at Le Chefs de France for 6pm. I had been planning to just have a nice simple (and cheap (comparatively)) counter-service dinner for our first night. Thanks to the Betamouse podcast and the new online reservation system, however, we’ll be enjoying fine French cuisine (and paying significantly more) our first night in WDW. Thanks and Curses to you, Betamouse and Disney Dining. 🙂

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